DiAE Annual Appeal

Please donate now and help us build new pathways to discovery and engagement—and reach our goal of $12,000.

It’s hard not to feel disconnected in this environment. Just imagine how the children and families we serve – those who thrive on interaction and activity – are feeling?
That’s why DiAE is continually offering new opportunities to engage students, teachers and families with the arts in fun and meaningful ways—to connect, discover and bond regardless of the distance between us.
Since 1982, Delaware Institute for the Arts in Education (DiAE) has made it our mission to enhance the quality of education by integrating multicultural arts experiences – workshops and live performances – into the daily curriculum of Delaware schools. Our programs continue to connect students and teachers with professional artists to cultivate curiosity, creativity and a love of learning.
Your tax-deductible support will help us expand our unique services to new schools and early learning centers throughout Delaware.

Donations are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.