K-12 Residency Program

We bring dance, music, theatre, and visual arts professional Teaching Artists (TAs) and performers into Delaware public, private and charter schools.

Our DiAE in-school residency program is modeled after the Lincoln Center for Performing Arts aesthetic education program. Each residency explores an art form that culminates in a final performance or work of art. To prepare for these performances, TAs work with teachers to discuss curriculum goals, and then, design and lead a series of in-class workshops that address Delaware State Common Core, as well as Art Standards that provide opportunities for students to explore, create, and reflect on the art form.

This experiential type of learning introduces and engages students with an art form offering hands-on learning, and opportunities to form connections for a deeply layered and personal response to the art form and the subject addressed. This is especially effective in helping children experience the joys of being artists while learning essential skills for the future such as creativity, critical thinking and collaboration.