Jarret ‘Posi’ Harris

Jarret ‘Posi’ Harris
Visual Art

    Born in Havre de Grace Maryland, I was always surrounded by creative spaces and talented people. Havre de Grace is a small town with many mom and pop art shops, antique stores, and of course, amazing food. Surrounded by the water, it was always a peaceful place to get a clear mind and create. As a kid I always saw the world as my canvas, and explored my creativity through drawing, music, and building various things. Moving to Delaware in my early years, I was able to further expand on my creativity in middle school and high school. Picking up on drawing perspectives, and customizing clothing. My mother was an accountant but always sewed. I more so saw her as a seamstress and designer. She can make anything from scratch. My father was a collector of art. I remember going to huge art shows as a kid and him knowing some amazing artists. It’s safe to say I have been influenced by art my entire life which has led me to embark on my own artistic journey.

    As an adult, my art is made to promote a positive lifestyle and better mental health. My name, Posi, is short for Positive. Another side to that is the radical side, which consists of think pieces and installations highlighting history and how we should look at it to push humanity forward in a better and more positive way. Some pieces are clear and straight to the point, while others are meant  to take you deeper in order to find the best you. Change your mindset, change your life. “The World Needs You!”

    When it comes to the artwork, I pay attention to key details and elements that make each piece unique to you. Creating something special with each client relationship is a part of my passion and why art is dear to my heart. Let’s create together.